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Leaving France

January 10, 2016

Dear all

I’m leaving France in a few weeks.  I gave it my very best, but it just wasn’t possible to stay.

I’m going to look at leaving the content of this site up for reading only, as this blog gets spammed like most other sites, and I won’t have the time to manage this kind of thing, working full time in the UK, commuting and managing trips back to France to visit the children’s Papa.

Thanks all for your support.  It is possible for some Brits to live in France, so “courage” – stay away from rural areas and if you’re going to marry someone who’s French, make sure they won’t judge you down the line for not being French yourself – and I mean, maintain the moral support of someone who’ll never be French.  I stress this point because it’s something that is difficult for some French people to do, because conformity is so important in their culture that my advice would be to make CERTAIN that your husband/wife truly accepts you for who you are, including your original nationality, and accepts that you might integrate into French life, but that you will NEVER be French.

Good luck to one and all

Over and out



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