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Prince Andrew, Wikileaks…

November 30, 2010

I admit that Prince Andrew should know about different cultures and modify the way he talks accordingly, but if this was a “raucous” lunch as described, he won’t have been the only one talking like that. His remarks are probably, therefore, being quoted out of context.

What stands out a mile here is that an American woman was shocked by a British man’s humour. British humour is like that, and she should, equally, have known that! British people laugh at different things, and our humour tends to include more “allowable” areas than other nations’.

I live in France and find that many things are off-limits here too. The many differences between our cultures make me feel isolated. In fact I no longer have a livelihood because their way of doing things is so rigid that they have no need or desire for anyone but their own kind. If the Americans are anywhere near like that, I can understand why the Prince’s humour fell as flat as it did.

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