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Tipee Camping (or rather, sleeping in the car…)

September 21, 2010

In August 2010 we went to Tremargat to do a trek on horseback. It was to be my first trek, having just got my “Galop 2”, and I was the most inexperienced of the group.

The night before, we slept in the three tipees which are a semi-permanent installation at the campsite and actvity centre.

Unfortunately for me, the baby cried and I had to go and sleep in the car. She was OK, sleeping like a top in her baby seat. I, however, got no sleep at all.

This led me to come up with an idea that would allow anyone to get a comfortable night’s sleep in a car. However, before I go into product development I’d like to know what people think of sleeping in cars. I have trawled the internet on the subject and the issues seem to be:
– People think it’s illegal even though it isn’t, so they may be unwilling to try it;
– Some policemen (in the UK) tell people it’s illegal when it isn’t, in order to get them to move on;
– The main thing to avoid doing is to sleep in the car when you have been drinking (surely most people would have had just 1 glass or 2 with the evening meal, when away on a trip)
– Obviously, you can’t park overnight or sleep in the car when there’s a notice saying you can’t
– I believe in the UK you can’t park in a motorway service station for more than 2 hours
– If police see you they are likely to disturb you, to check that you’re not drunk, and if you are they may be OK with it, but only if you don’t appear to have the keys on you, but even then that depends what mood they’re in….

Anyway, my concept has nothing whatsoever to do with needing to sleep in the car to sleep off a drinking spree. For me life’s too short, my body’s a temple, etc. etc. etc… I just don’t want to spend another night like that, EVER, and now I have the wherewithal to sleep comfortably in the car, should the need arise, whenever I like. As you’ll see from my other posts I’m finding it difficult to get started here in France, so if I could invent a successful product that’d be very good. What do you all think?

And yes, the rest of the group had a great time in the tipees. I will post about the trek another time, time permitting!

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