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Teaching English in France

September 21, 2010

I live in rural Brittany and teach english to children and adults. It’s going quite well. I immediately got business from an advert I put on – and the response was even better when I added a photo.

It’s possible to teach at home (or at other peoples’ homes) without formal qualifications. Depending on the local economy though, you may be competing with those who have teaching qualifications.

French people are used to seeing English taught in a different way to the way we learn it in school. They learn both English and French in a highly-structured way, similar to the way we learn French as a foreign language in the UK.

So if you’re going to teach without qualifications it’s a good idea to stick to the english syllabus that your pupils are following at school (or use their previous year’s cahier if they’re struggling to keep up, and revise that).

However, although the French have a preference for rigidity, you’ll find some are refreshed by something new, so don’t be afraid to try. This is particularly true of those who find that learning English in school doesn’t agree with them (or if they’re an adult didn’t work very well when they were at school). Try song lyrics, short videos from YouTube (that way they can watch them again from home), and UK childrens’ books.

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