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Plum Jam

September 21, 2010

I don’t know why my jam is a rich dark red colour, when the plums started out golden yellow! I had to boil it way past the allocated time (of 20 mins) to get it to set, and this is just the colour the jam was by the time I got to this point. I guess it must be because the sugar caramelised.

With hindsight, I remember the point when the mixture started to spit in quite a lively way and I should have turned the gas off at that point, rather than taking the time to test the mixture first (by letting a blob cool on a plate – if it stays on the plate when you tip it up, then it’s cool.)

In France, sugar for jam-making comes with pectin added, and in practice pectin is needed for most fruits. Something else I didn’t realise was that under-ripe fruit contains more natural pectin, so I will make sure I include more of those next time.

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